How to engage members as co-organizers?

Sharing work helps to keep organizing fun and the success of the combined effort rewards your co-organizers.

Members that you like to work with can be potential co-organizers. Organize an informal meeting to explain the whole structure of GDGs! Explain who is the global contact at Google, who is the regional contact at Google.

Together prepare a list of possible locations for events, possible sponsors.

Make a plan for the next two or three events and work the co-organizers through the steps for organizing an event.

Check list

  • Give access to the registration service for events ( form)
  • Add members as managers to G+ chapter page and add link to the members profile in the link section
  • Promote members to managers in the G+ chapter community or Facebook group (if exists)
  • Give access to documents at Google drive, etc. about previous events
  • Give access to other social media

Process of organizing an event

The process of doing an event and getting it online is:

  1. Find speakers, create Google moderator where people can suggest a talk/topic

  2. Find venue

  3. Create event at

  4. Create G+ event, create image for it

  5. Create another event (for ticketing) ­ (optional)

    1. meetup event

    2. xing event

    3. facebook event

    4. eventbrite event

    5. Google Form (with automatic response mail via script)

  6. Market the event

    1. twitter, g+ post, g+ page post, g+ community, facebook post, email list

    2. website

    3. 3rd party mailing list/calendars

    4. put posters up at public places, universities,

  7. Monitor member list at

    1. meetup event (many gdg uses it)

    2. eventbrite

    3. G+ event (if small)

  8. After the event publish content, feedback, reviews, ..


Open Source tools at Github by GDG[x]

  • GDG Android app at Google Play (Frisbee)
  • Chapter website based on G+ stream, GDG hub (Boomerang)
  • Event website for Devfest (Zeppelin)

Chapter as an Entity

Some sponsors might ask for an entity to sponsor your work. Depending on your country there are different requirements and possibilities. Discuss this with the chapters nearby or other user groups in your country.

Usually the easiest way to get sponsors involved is by asking them for goods and services (instead of money) like food, t-shirts, room, wifi.

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