Coding For Kids

This section is for capturing resources, curriculum and ideas for teaching programming to kids aged 3-12 years or so. We hope to collect information around tools, curriculum, events and projects that the GDG community can use, to promote early CS education.


These are some of the tools you can use to run a programming or coding lab.


These are some resources that you can refer to for help/advice.

You can also work with the following organizations to start coding clubs in your area. Some of these organizations may be specific to a region, or supported by local institutions. Check with the site for more information.


This section will document curriculum resources for coding with kids. Curriculum refers to a progressive series of projects or lessons that can be used to iteratively build a child's expertise on a topic.


These are links to events that are held on a regular basis, with a specific focus on coding for kids

  • Scratch Day - hands on activities and competition with Scratch projects
  • Hour Of Code - a co-ordinated jumpstart for teaching coding to schools or small communities


Use this section to identify people who are currently exploring ideas in this space, or working on projects/events. The idea is to find experts to provide guidance


Links to speaker decks for technical talks on coding for kids. These are good resources for jumpstarting conversations in your GDG community, and can give you ideas for small/easy projects for hands-on exercises.

  • TBD


Use this section to reference any projects built by GDG community members, that is relevant to this topic. Open source projects (with links to a GitHub repo or Google Drive documentation) are particularly appreciated.

  • TBD

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