Who is a Mentor?

GDG Mentors are individual Organizers selected by other GDG organizers assisting GDG's and Google to have happier, better supported and active GDG's; by helping their communication and collaboration.

The duration is of a mentor is 10-12 months.

It first piloted in Google Business Groups, then in African GDG's. The program is not available worldwide in an updated format for countires which want to do it.

What does it take to be a mentor?

What do mentors do?

  1. Help the community build and maintain shared resources like slides/code repositories.
  2. Maintain communication channels like Google+ communities, circles, regular Hangouts, share info about events.
  3. Reach out to incubating chapters to offer help.
  4. Do other things that will make the life of the GDGs in the regions easier and more fun! They are enablers.
  5. Help in reducing chapter mortality by frequent engagement of his/her country chapters.

How do I become a Mentor?

Once the Mentor Role is available in your region GDG Organizers in your region will nominate and vote for you.

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