GDG[x] is a group of developers, designers, enthusiasts that build tools for GDG organizers.

All code is open sourced at

Currently, there are three main projects

  1. Building the landing page for all GDG chapters where everybody can find information, stories, events from all GDG chapters. This involves Firefly (frontend), The Hub (backend), Frisbee (Android app).
  2. Building site templates for big events like DevFest. This involves Hoverboard, Zepplin, Zepplin-Grunt.
  3. Building site templates for chapters. This involves Boomerang.

Slides Have a look at the presentation given at Global GDG Summit at Google I/O 2015.

YouTube Some promo videos can be found on YouTube.

If you want to contribute join a conversation on of the project you are most interested in.

For reference: There is a document to describe a GDG Speaker Opportunity Platform.

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