This is our Contributors Hall of Fame. Anyone who has contributed to the content, curation or collection of GDG wisdom gets a mention.

Ideally, we want contributors to be on GitHub, and provide their contributions via GitHub issues, pull requests or direct commits to this repository. In such cases, the contributor's name will be linked to their GitHub profile for convenience.

Contributor Contribution Details
Nitya Narasimhan / nitya global maintainer
Friedger Müffke / friedger global maintainer
Jigyasa Grover /jig08 special events
Yannick Lemin / theyann link to tools
Rohan Arora / rohanraarora chapters
Michael Prentice / Splaktar projects
Kenneth Kinyanjui / kenju254 mentors
Ralph Yozzo / fedex1 chapters

You can see them all - including bots - on Github


The main contributors to the previous GDG Wisdom site were Stefan Hoth, Akil Head, Bhupal Sapkota, Uttam Tripathi, Dan Franc and Paulo Fernandes. For more contributors see the full list of contributors.

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